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KIN 861

Do you live in an environment that promotes obesity?

  • Class Number: 4081
  • Units: 2
  • Fee: $230.00

This course provides physical education teachers and movement education personnel from kindergarten through twelfth grade levels with a broader idea of the current obesity epidemic.  The course will explore the influence of environmental factors such as access to resources, active transportation systems, public policy, the media and marketing, as well as family, culture, and social factors on an individual's health behaviors.  This course defines the issues that contribute to an environment that promotes obesity, and offers tools for practitioners to reverse it within their communities. Grading: A-F grading only. Equivalent Quarter Course: KIN 7830.

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from 4:00pm - 4:00pm
July 30, 2021 - December 11, 2021


Paul Carpenter




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