Nonprofit Management Certificate Program

Meet the increasingly challenging demands of nonprofit administration and learn how to improve your organization’s effectiveness with a comprehensive, flexible program designed for working adults.

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Lead the Way to Change

Gain insight into the evolving aspects of nonprofit management, including board development, financial management, fundraising, marketing, program evaluation, and nonprofit law. All taught through a cutting-edge program that equips you with the skills to carry out your mission and support your cause in the most effective ways.

Enjoy engaging, hands-on class sessions that directly apply to your day-to-day work. All taught by professors and instructors with substantial experience in all aspects of the nonprofit field, from board planning and fundraising to organizational development and financial and personnel management.

At a Glance

Area of study: Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Ideal for: Nonprofit administrators, board members, staff, and volunteers, particularly those in the San Francisco East Bay area, seeking to upgrade their skills, stay current with best practices and trends, and improve their organizations' effectiveness

Program format: In-person

Number of courses: 8 courses, plus 3 units of elective coursework

Program length: 9-12 months

Tuition cost: $147 - $340 per course (Tuition fees are subject to change at any time.)

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