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Registration Policies


Registration and Enrollment Policies

All registrations and enrollments processed by California State University, East Bay Continuing Education, whether conducted online or off, are governed by our registration and enrollment policies.

Cal State East Bay Continuing Education accepts enrollment from all adults and does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, disability, marital status, religion, or sexual preference. The University catalog lists the complete text of the University's nondiscrimination policies. Continuing Education abides by these same policies.

To enroll in courses, you must first register into a program. Learn more about our simple registration procedure under our How to Register page.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Withdrawal and Refund Policies vary depending on the type of program in which you enroll and some Continuing Education programs have course-specific refund policies that supersede the refund policy below.

Special Sessions/Degree Programs

If you are taking courses in one of our Special Sessions/Degree Programs, please follow the following withdrawal procedures:

You may drop courses online using MyCSUEB until the end of the University’s Drop Period. After the Drop Period ends, you must complete a Withdrawal Form with an authorized signature from the department responsible for the course(s) until the Withdrawal Deadline. Please refer to the University website for deadline information. Submit the completed form to the Enrollment Information Center on the first floor of the Student Administration Building at the Hayward Campus or the Academic Services Center at the Concord Campus.

The date that the withdrawal request form is submitted to the University Records Office determines the amount of a refund. Please see chart below to determine amount refunded.

15-week Refund Policy Refund Amount
On or before add drop 100% refund
On or before the 21st instructional day 65% refund
On or before 35th instructional day 40% refund

7-week Refund Policy Refund Amount
On or before add drop 100% refund
On or before the 10th instructional day 65% refund
On or before 20th instructional day 40% refund

Continuing Education/Certificate Programs

If you are taking a Continuing Education course or certificate program, you may drop courses online using MyCSUEB or by emailing Failure to drop a course online or file a written request to withdraw before the end of the Drop Period may result in a failing grade. (Please note: drop dates vary by program.) A stop payment order on a check does not constitute an official withdrawal, nor does it relieve you of financial obligation for fees owed and additional fees may be charged.

Some Continuing Education programs have course specific policies that differ from and supersede the refund policy below. The most common of these policies applies to most of our online and home study courses, and states that no refund will be given once a student has been given access to the course material.

Refunds are based on the duration of the class and the date your drop/withdrawal request is submitted. (Note: materials fees may not be refundable.)

Course Duration Drop/Withdrawal Date Refund Amount
1-4 meeting or weekend course Before 1st class meeting 100% refund
On the 1st meeting of class or later No refund
5+ meeting course Before 1st class meeting 100% refund
On the 1st meeting of class or later, but before 25% of class meetings have elapsed 65% refund
After 25% of class meetings have elapsed No refund

If you are eligible for a refund the amount is automatically credited to your University account. If you do not request a refund, the University will leave the balance on your account to apply toward future charges.

If you want the credit balance refunded to you personally, you must download and submit a Refund Request Form to the Cashier's Office for processing. There is a $10 processing fee for this service (except for Financial Aid students or for cancelled courses). The Cashier’s Office is located on the first floor of the Student Services and Administration (SA) Building on the Hayward Campus and in the Academic Services Lobby on the Concord Campus. Processing of refund requests takes approximately nine weeks (credit card refunds may not appear on your statement for one to two billing cycles).

Need additional guidance? Please contact us at or (510) 885-3605 if you have any questions about our withdrawal or refund policies.


You may audit a course for purposes of instruction only. While as an auditor you are not required to do assignments or take examinations, you are required to officially register and pay the same fee as if you were enrolled for credit. To obtain an audit request form, please contact

Social Security Number and Birth Date Information

If you have never taken courses from us before, we ask for your social security number (SSN) and date of birth during the registration/application process to ensure that a unique record is created for you in our registration system.

Under California law, you are not required to provide us with your SSN. However, if you wish to take advantage of tax credits, such as the Hope and Lifetime Learning Credits, you will need to provide a valid SSN so that we may report your tuition expenses to the IRS.

While we do not require a social security number, we do require a valid date of birth to complete your enrollment. You will only be asked for your SSN and date of birth once.


Learn more about your Student NetID.

Course Credit

Continuing Education courses may be taken for academic credit, CEUs (a nationally recognized measure of professional development), or personal enrichment. Courses offering academic credit are numbered 800 through 899. Academic upper-division courses are numbered 800-849. Graduate level courses are numbered 850-899. Courses with the subject EXTX (numbered 001-999) offer CEUs; courses with the subject NCRX (numbered 001-999) are non-credit.

Subject and Course Number

You will find the subject and course number below the title of the course. For example:

EXTX 300 01 CA translates into:

Subject: EXTX
Course Number: 300
Section: 01CA

Registration and Fees

Course fees vary depending on the type of course selected. Visit our Tuition and Fees page for complete information about enrollment and fees.

Enrollment Confirmation/Unofficial Transcript

You may view and print your unofficial transcript online at anytime by going to MyCSUEB, and using your NetID, logging into the student portal. Select “View Unofficial Transcript”.

Schedule Changes

A concerted effort is made to publish correct information; however, schedules are subject to change. Continuing Education reserves the right to discontinue, postpone, or combine classes and to change instructors without prior notice. Announcements of cancellations will be made on or before the second class meeting.

If a class is canceled, all fees are automatically refunded to students without penalty. If you would like to transfer the fees from a cancelled course to a future class you may do so by sending an email to the appropriate program coordinator.

Returned Checks

A $25.00 fee is assessed for a check returned unpaid by the bank for any reason. Questions regarding returned checks should be directed to the Cashier's Office at (510) 885-3865.

Receipt for Tuition Payments

Students requiring a receipt for tuition payments should contact the Cashier’s Office.

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